The flexible solution.

The modular specialist.

Less and less time for production with ever greater demands on quality? This requires flexible solutions. And these are exactly what Blister Expert BE offers: its development incorporates Mediseal’s more than 80 years of experience in blister technology. The system can be individually adapted to the needs of the customer: it was developed to be completely modular.

This makes the Blister Expert very flexible — and new products can be on the market very quickly. In addition, change-over and maintenance times have been shortened.

Future-proofing through modularity.

The machine that adapts.

View of all modules of Blister Expert
A portrait of Ulf Leineke
„The modular approach is ground-breaking for our customers and for us as a manufacturer.“
Ulf Leineke, Head of Development

Good reasons for using Blister Expert.

Here are our Top Three:

Icon Future Proof

Customers can adapt to current trends without the need to buy a new machine.

Icon Stability

Optimal control of the impact of foils (even with tightly shrinking foils), greatest process stability due to additional withdrawal after deep-drawing and enhanced thermal qualities of the stations.

Icon Product Optimization

Increased pharmaceutical safety since the sealing strength can be automatically adjusted. After punching, blisters are always under control, never loose on the conveyor belts.

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